Match Prediction 20/4 Estoril Open Final

Roger Federer (1) SWI – Nikolay Davydenko (4) RUS

Davydenko has not beaten Federer in 11 meetings and if he is ever going to defeat him its going to be here. The Russian is very much on form at the moment where as Federer is not looking at his best and has struggled through matches on the dirt. He was broken three times in his match against Denis Gremelmayr which is far from impressive considering the German’s world ranking of 104.

 Davydenko’s game is suited to clay as he is machine like when hitting from the back of the court. Federer on the other hand has had trouble adjusting to the surface as shots that would be winners on hard courts are now coming back and as a result he is making too many un-forced errors.

I think this match could easily go to three sets as Federer will without a doubt raise his game but I favour the consistent Davydenko to win his 12th consecutive match.

Predicted winner :: Davydenko


One response to “Match Prediction 20/4 Estoril Open Final

  1. Haha too bad Nikolay had to retire, as he was on his way to defeating the carbunkle king!

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