I am a 20 year old student from Essex. I have recently completed a degree in Sports Journalism at Staffordshire University attaining first class honours.

I started this blog as a university project in mid 2008 and decided to keep it going after the assignment was completed.

Young British tennis star James Ward joined the Tennis Centre in June 2008 in order to gain more exposure to the British public and hopefully some sponsorship. This proved to be successful when a person who read this site gave him £5000 which went towards the cost of travelling the world to play tournaments.

I have now expanded the The Tennis Centre introducing three new writers to provide extra content.

The aim of my blog is to attract a varied audience from competitive players right down to people who have little knowledge of tennis.

I started playing tennis at the age of six and started having lessons aged 7. A couple of years later I won my first tournament, the Essex Under 9 short tennis event. From here I represented Essex up until Under 16 level, attended county squads and was also provided with funding for extra lessons during this time. I reached number 2 in Essex at one point and once had a rating of 3.2.

 I began representing the mens team of my local club, Gidea Park, aged 15 and at 17 played a match for the first team. I have since played for Clearview and currently Next Generation. At Clearview I became an assistant coach for groups of children aged from 5 to 13.

 In summer 2006 I started to play competitvely again entering a couple of tournaments. Then at university I got involved in the tennis team and began training again. I then entered further tournaments in Summer 2007 most notably reaching the quarter final of the Aldershot Open. My current ranking in England is 834 and my rating is 7.1.

After recovering from a broken wrist suffered last October I am now back playing and will hopefully enter more tournaments next summer and play for my club Next Generation.

Feel free to leave any comments regarding my blog. Whether they are praise, complaints or improvements please write away…

Alternatively email me: mjweatherup@googlemail.com

See the new writers that have just been signed up to the website.

I am currently writing for Tennis Grand Stand.

Summer 2008

I recently competed in my first match of the summer season. It was the first qualifying round out of three for the London Parks Mens Singles. The tournament is arranged via email and I travelled to David LLoyd in Finchley for the match. After I had a hit with a talented 15 year old named Alex and his younger brother who had been practicing on the court next to me.

17/6/08 – London Parks First Round Qualifying – I beat Elliot Ryan 6/0 6/0

Unfortunately I had been playing with a niggle in my elbow for some time. In the end my hard training caught up with me and I was diagnosed with medial epicondylitis which is a form of golfers elbow. I was forced to pull out of this tournament and all the others I had entered. I am yet to hit a ball since July and it is now Decemeber and my elbow is still swollen.

Read my summer review here where I describe my transformation into a left handed player.


5 responses to “About

  1. This is the goods, you should be working for the News of the World – keep up the good work!


    Tiger Tim x

  2. very good Mark but dont gamble to much on results as your predictions are not good!!!!

  3. haha I can’t get them all right!

  4. Glad to find another tennis blogger! I blog abouut tennis, too, with a seriously silly/humour vibe…

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