Rafael Nadal French Open 2009 clothing review


Nike Spring 2008 clothing as worn by Roger Federer at the Estoril Open.

I’m putting the zit aside for a minute… It’s recieved far too much attention already.

Federer is wearing a very smart collared shirt from Nike in a fresh baby blue colourway. As usual this stuff is not available to buy as yet but hopefully it will be. Anyway theres nothing wrong with Federer having a bit of exclusive gear, the world number one certainly deserves it. I can’t remember the last time I saw a player wearing baby blue so this is a nice change.






Picture Credit :: Joao Lagos Sports at Estoril Open

Federer wears black shorts with the baby blue shirt which go well together.

The shirt has a white collar with white hems on the sleeves. I like the design and  would certainly purchase should it be released in shops.

Federer teams up his baby blue shirt and black shorts with a black headband with a baby blue stripe at the top. Fed pulls it off well but personally I am not keen on headbands as unless your a pro you look silly wearing one.

Shirt 9/10

Shorts 8/10


Lacoste 2008 Collection as worn by Andy Roddick in the Dubai Barclays Championship.


If a player as popular as Roddick wasn’t wearing this stuff I do not think anyone would bat an eye lid at it. Thats not to say the outfit isn’t smart but surely Lacoste can come up with something more unique for their top player?

Roddick has often worn a collared shirt with Lacoste and this is a new colourway. This is not a great look for Roddick considering the standard design with grey stripes and orange hem. The shorts are completely grey.


Shirt – 7/10

Shorts – 6/10

I have not seen this clothing for sale on any website but apparently you can order a specific tennis catalogue direct from Lacoste.

If you wondering about the wristband Roddick is wearing in the top picture it is supporting his charity, The Andy Roddick Foundation which is non profit and helps children in need. It says ‘no compromise’ on it and here is a picture. You can purchase one on his website



Nike 2008 Australian Open Collection as worn by Rafael Nadal in the Barclays Dubai Championships.

nadal12.jpgWell if you have bulging biceps like Nadal this sleeveless top is suited to you. Or if not you may enjoy playing with less restriction on the shoulder than a standard T-shirt gives. I like the stylish design on this top which is also available in other colours. The design down the right hand side of the top appears to be based on tyre marks.


Overall Rating (out of 10) – 8

The ‘Nadal Capri pant’ I am not so sure about. The 3/4 lengths look good on Nadal but I have seen nobody else pull them off on a tennis court. Having tried them on myself in my standard medium size, the fit does not seem right with the length coming down way past the knee making it look like your wearing extreme jack ups. They are available in Grey and Navy.


Overall Rating – 4/10

There is also a new pair of trainers out to co-inside with the release of the clothing coming from the Air Max Breathe range.

They are called the Air Max Breathe Cage 2 which look brilliant. They come in two colours – red and blue and I have recently purchased a pair. They offer superb support on the ankle through having a built in tongue.


Overall Rating 9/10

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4 responses to “Clothing

  1. Andy "The Eagle" Johnson

    I too have made the bold fashion statement of attempting to pull off the 3/4 lengths…on the streets of Stoke-on-Trent but received generally very poor feedback from the local youths. I feel only a Spaniard with ‘bulging biceps’ can pull this one off. Oh well, at least I have my ‘greys’ to fall back on.

    Come on Tim!

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  3. Wow..did not realize Andy had the special ” no compromise” wristbands. I have seen many of the basketball pros wearing them but I guess the wristbands are a good way to promote awareness or special causes..

  4. Nadal tennis clothing is AWESOME….. colors say everything….w/his olive tone skin…. yes, you are right …. not everyone can wear it …. flaunt it…. and “DO IT”…. peace —

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