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Federer keeps it red

Roger Federer is wearing a red shirt for his day time matches at the US Open for the second year running.

Fed turned out for his opening round match against Devon Britton in a very similar outift to last year – but this time he wore black shorts instead of grey.

Ususally the Swiss master enjoys experimenting with different colours and styles for grand slams however on this occasion he has kept with what he knows.

Personally I am not a fan of red but he pulls off the outfit well with a black bandana and wrist band.

For night matches he has opted for the ‘Darth Federer’ look which was last seen at the Open in 2007. This includes a black shirt, shorts, socks and trainers which I think looks pretty cool.

Federer US Open 2008

Federer US Open 2008

Federer US Open 2009

Federer US Open 2009

Darth Federer US Open 2007

Darth Federer US Open 2007


Rafael Nadal French Open clothing review

Nike French Open 2009 Nike Rafael Nadal

When I turned on the TV to watch the French Open and saw Nadal’s attire I said to my brother: “Maaaaaate look what Nadal is wearing!”.

I absolutely love the pink shirt with yellow head and wrist bands. It’s something so different and fresh and I have never seen anyone on the tour wear this colour.


I must say that as much as I like this shirt and head/wrist band combination I think only Nadal can pull it off!

I personally couldn’t wear this shirt on court as it is so distinctive and if your not a professional it would look silly.

Wearing this shirt as an average club player or coach would be the equivalent of wearing a suit to a party where everyone else is wearing jeans.

The good thing about this shirt though if you fancy an outrageous purchase is that it is currently available to buy whereas in the past the public have had to wait before getting their hands on such gear.

I’ve saved my favourite part of Nadal’s attire until last. The Spaniard’s current ‘kicks’ are probably the best I have ever seen.


I will be purchasing these as soon as possible!

Overall ratings ::

Shirt – 7/10

Trainers – 10/10

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